5 must have baking essentials for beginners

5 must have baking essentials for beginners

Starting out on your baking journey can be scary, there's so much of everything; recipes, mixers, whisks, weighing scales and so on. It can be difficult to understand what you need to start out. The first key rule to understand in that you definitely don't need that €500 fancy red KitchenAid that looks great and all the great chefs have because lets face it, spending that amount of money isn't something we all may not be able to do straight away but, if you want to do that by all means go for it.
In this blog post I'm going to share with you my top 5 must have baking essentials that are suitable for the everyday budget but also does a great job, so if you're a beginner or a pro these few bits will be suitable for you.

1. Digital weighing scales

One thing you must have when beginning to bake is a weighing scales. I prefer a digital weighing scales because as you can see in the picture above it gives the exact measurement, which is a lot easier than trying to figure out how to use a traditional weighing scales. This one I use is very reliable, easy to use and best of all it's budget friendly. 
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2. Mini spatula

My favourite piece of equipment is definitely is my mini spatula. In the picture I show you the size compared to my regular sized blue spatula. This little tool is so handy to have in your drawer, it can be used to take cake batter out from between the beaters on a mixer or it can be used to smooth over icing on top of cupcakes. 
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3. Loose bottom cake tin

These cake tins are a must, they make the baking life that bit easier. It has happened many times to me where when trying to get a cake out of a traditional tin, it crumbles to pieces in my hands which is the most rage filling feeling after working hard on the cake. These tins reduce the chances of the cake crumbling preventing the anger feelings.
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4. Offset spatula

When spreading icing on a cake an offset spatula will be your best friend. They come in a range of sizes. This 20cm spatula I have is perfect for working on cakes but the smaller 10cm ones are really good for spreading icing over cupcakes. It can also be used for spreading cake batter in a cake tin.
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5. Disposable piping bags

Disposable piping bags. The best invention ever. These are so easy to use, just snip off the end, throw in a nozzle and fill it up with your choice of icing and away you go. When your finished just cut out the nozzle and throw the bag away. I found this piping kit in Tesco which comes with 10 bags and 4 nozzles which is great for getting you started. I also found a set of 20 piping bags in EuroGiant which were very inexpensive.
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Thank you for reading this blog post, have any suggestions? Leave them in the comments below.

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